Get Your Breast Pump Through Insurance

The Affordable Care Act requires health insurance providers to offer breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling to lactating women. This means that you may be eligible to receive a free breast pump through insurance.

The coverage and patient out of pocket costs varies between health insurance carriers and plans. We would love to help you find out what maternity and baby products are covered through your health insurance plan. To get started, fill out the form below, and we will be in contact with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Under the Affordable Care Act most insurance plans will cover your new pump, with a few minor exceptions.  While every insurance plan is different, even with a minimum coverage plan we will typically still have a few options for you to choose from. When you place your order with us, we will verify your insurance coverage, and let you know all of your options.

In order to process your order with the insurance company, we will need a copy of your prescription.  However, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get this to us. 

If you have a prescription already, you can:

And, if you don’t have a copy of your prescription, you can:

  • Ask your doctors office to fax us a copy at (913) 745-4182.

Your Insurance will cover all the parts or your pump that are needed to express milk.  An Upgrade fee is for those pumps that offer some added convenience and therefore cost a little more. The upgrade fee merely covers the portion of your purchase that your insurance will not.  Feel free to contact us, and we can help you sort out those options, and what the added cost would be.

A closed system has a barrier between your breast milk and the pump that prevents your breast milk or other liquids from getting into the pump.  This makes your pump easier to clean and much less likely to cause contamination. The risk of contamination is very small even with an open system, however, if you do use an open system pump, it is recommended that you run the motor for a few minutes when you are done pumping to clear out the tubing.

All of the pumps we offer are a closed system. 

A double breast pump is not only a faster alternative to a single breast pump, but studies have also shown that mothers tend to produce 18% more milk when using a double breast pump, vs a single.

In addition, when you double pump, you have a greater probability of pumping the energy rich, high fat content milk that is so good for your baby.

All of our breast pumps are double electric pumps.

If it would be easier for you to have your new pump shipped to you, rather than coming into our shop to pick it up, we would be happy to arrange that with you.  Please call our offices for more information.

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Maternity Belt

Curad's Maternity Belt offers back support from abdominal discomfort during pregnancy. Medium sizes 4 to 14 will fit a variety of pregnancy states. The prenatal cradle lifts the abdominal area without adding additional pressure, and it is comfortable and adjustable, so that you can wear it through various stages of your pregnancy.

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Medela's bustier for breastfeeding moms is designed to make expression quick and easy. Double pumping while multitasking is simple and comfortable, leaving your arms and hands free while you pump. Works with other major brands as well.


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Motif Postpartum Recovery Support Garments are FDA-listed medical devices designed by healthcare professionals for new moms to aid in both C-section and natural birth wound healing and help recovery by stabilizing joints, reducing pain, and increasing mobility. Covered or partially covered by some insurance plans.